Publié 28/02/2024|Modifié 18/01/2024

Medical and psychological support

In France, emergency medical and psychological support for victims of traumatic events such as natural catastrophes and terrorist attacks is provided by the Medical and Psychological Emergency Units (CUMP — Cellules d’Urgence Médico-Psychologique)

A terrorist attack can have a significant psychological impact. Some people react immediately with feelings of anguish, panic, anxiety, stupefaction, a sense of the unreal, and sometimes with physical sensations, including pain and trembling. Others won’t feel the effects for days, weeks or even months.
Living with and supporting a terrorism victim is complicated. A family member’s post-traumatic psychological condition can affect loved ones, who often have trouble understanding such problems or don’t dare talk about it. This can generate feelings of guilt, fatigue and exhaustion in all concerned. Your general medical doctor, the CUMP and non-governmental organizations can help you and direct you to mental health professionals with whom they are used to working, and who are specialized in providing care for post-traumatic psychological disorders.