Publié 28/02/2024|Modifié 20/03/2024

Contact an NGO

Closely aligned with victims and their loved ones, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play a vital role in France

Victim aid organizations can receive you at their offices in courthouses, city halls, organizational headquarters, or public premises that host NGOs, where information and support spaces are made available following a terrorist act.
NGOs offering personalized, nearby, free-of-charge, and long-term support :
  • Receive and are attentive to any persons who considers themselves to be victims as well as their loved ones;
  • Provide information about rights and various criminal, indemnity and other procedures;
  • Provide psychological support;
  • Provide social aid for their actions;
  • Make contact with local partners in accordance with the victim's needs and expectations.
The 116006 European number will in the longer term enable you to contact a victim aid NGO in the European country where you are.
You can contact the France Victims network by dialing 116006 in France, or 00 331 80 52 33 76 from abroad. This phone number offers initial attention and contact with local France Victimes NGOs' various reception locations or with other aid services.
Federations and organizations for terrorism victims bring victims together in common cause to claim and defend their rights and take legal, political or public relations actions. Victim organizations can assist and support their members both individually and collectively. You can contact one of the main victims organizations via the Players menu.