Publié 28/02/2024|Modifié 22/03/2024


Special rules apply to victims of terrorist acts. The FGTI may under certain circumstances compensate the loved ones of wounded victims.


The Compensation Fund for Victims of Acts of Terrorism and Other Offenses (FGTI) indemnifies material, non-material and financial prejudice, as well as extraordinary prejudice specific to victims of terrorist acts.
The FGTI will contact victims and their loved ones (i.e. parents, grand parents, children, grand children, brothers, sisters, or other family members in certain situations) and request the documentation required to start the compensation procedure (e.g. bank details, medical certificates, proof of identity, etc.).
Victims and loved ones who have not been contacted may contact the FGTI directly by sending a specific application form for compensation, along with bank details, proof of identity and proof establishing:
  • the origin of the prejudice (complaint or witness report to a police official or court);
  • the existence of a prejudice (medical certificate).
The FGTI then pays advances toward the total amount of the compensation within a month of receiving supporting documentation to cover urgent expenses.
A final compensation offer is addressed after ascertaining the long-term health outlook based on medical certificates, or a medical review initiated by the FGTI, and all other supporting documentation has been received to help calculate the outstanding costs and loss of income.
In the meantime, the FGTI may be solicited for complementary funds depending on the expenses incurred or to come and the extent of the final prejudice forecast.



In addition to the Compensation Fund for Victims of Acts of Terrorism and Other Offenses (FGTI), some individual insurance policies may also pay compensation for bodily harm resulting from terrorist acts and other offenses. Such insurance notably includes life insurance policies and individual coverage for accidents.
The insurance company should be notified as soon as possible following a terrorist act.