Publié 28/02/2024|Modifié 18/01/2024

Benefiting from indemnities from the FGTI

Special rules apply for terrorist attacks. The Compensation Fund for Victims of Acts of Terrorism and Other Offenses (FGTI) is responsible for ensuring the full reparation of damages incurred are made to the victim

The Compensation Fund for Victims of Acts of Terrorism and Other Offenses (FGTI) is responsible for ensuring that full reparations for damages incurred are made to the victim. To that end, it indemnifies physical, moral and financial harm and the extraordinary harm specific to victims of terrorist acts. The FGTI also covers funeral costs and related expenses either directly with the mortuary home or by reimbursing the family for the sums it has spent, in accordance with the family's wishes.
Terrorism victims wounded or shocked while being in the danger zone at the time of an attack and the loved ones of victims killed by such attacks are eligible for compensation.
The FGTI contacts the victims and their loved ones and requests the documentation required to start the compensation procedure (e.g. bank details, medical certificates, proof of identity, etc.) Victims and loved ones who have not been contacted can contact the FGTI directly by completing a dedicated form to request compensation and sending it by mail or via the victim's case guide, along with bank details, civil status documentation, and documentation supporting the origin and existence of injury (criminal complaint report or witness report to police authorities or courts, medical certificates, etc.).
The FGTI then pays advances toward the total amount of the compensation within a month of receiving supporting documentation to cover urgent expenses.