Publié 28/02/2024|Modifié 18/01/2024


To receive personalized advice and claim your rights to indemnity and reparation, a lawyer can assist and defend you

To receive personalized advice and claim your compensation and reparation rights, a lawyer can assist and defend you. He/she can help you assess your claim, prepare your case and take the necessary steps with the Compensation Fund for Victims of Acts of Terrorism and Other Offenses, as well as insurance companies for material damages. A lawyer can also help you obtain the benefits of social rights specific to victims of terrorist acts and answer any questions you may have about your legal situation in terms of family law and tax law, for example. Lawyer fees are freely determined with you and may be covered through a legal protection insurance policy.
In the event of a criminal action, the lawyer will accompany you throughout the entire procedure and will defend your interests during the investigation, the criminal court proceedings and the hearing on civil claims that will be held to rule on damages and interest. These fees may be covered as part of legal protection insurance policy or legal aid (aide juridictionnelle), regardless of income.
To find an attorney in France :
Consult the listing at the National Council of Bars
Select the bar or city of your choice
Special notices to mention  :
  • “family, personal and estate law” (« droit de la famille, des personnes et de leur patrimoine »),
  • “criminal law” (« droit pénal »),
  • “material claims law” (« droit du dommage corporel »).