Publié 28/02/2024|Modifié 25/03/2024

Posthumous requests

Various actions, which would have been desired by the deceased victim, can be carried out posthumously

The death certificate issued by the city hall registrar (état-civil) of the place where the death took place, or by your ambassador or consulate, does not mention the cause of death. You can ask the French Ministry of Justice to add the “Terrorism victim” (Victime du terrorisme) inscription to the deceased’s death certificate.
Your request must:
  • Be dated and signed;
  • Addressed and mailed to the victim rights, justice and assistance service known under its French acronym as SADJAV (Service de l'Accès au Droit et à la Justice et de l'Aide aux Victimes) at the French Ministry of Justice : Ministère de la Justice - Secrétariat général, 13 place Vendôme 75042 PARIS CEDEX FRANCE ;
  • Specify the relevant terrorism act (place and date) ;
  • State your desire to have the "Terrorism victim" inscription added to the death certificate ;
  • Append the following supporting documentation :
    • a copy of the requester’s ID (national identity card, passport or residency card) ;
    • a copy of the victim’s death certificate ;
    • if applicable (notably in the event of a different name), a copy of the victim’s family record book (livret de famille) up to the first blank children's page.
The request can be scanned and additionally sent electronically via email:
The French Justice Minister will issue an order for the “Terrorism victim” inscription to be added to the death certificate, and this order will be published in the French Republic’s Journal Officiel official journal of notices. A copy will be sent to you via mail or email. The order will also be sent to the city hall in the location where the death took place. The city hall will then add the inscription to the death certificate.
You can contact the registrar (état-civil) of the relevant city hall directly to obtain a copy of the death certificate containing the inscription in the margins.

In exceptional circumstances, you may request a posthumous marriage license to have your union with deceased person recognized.
The wedding ceremony may be granted solely by decree of the President of the French Republic.
The request for a posthumous wedding requires a special formal procedure and must be addressed to the French Ministry of Justice, which centralizes such requests (section du Sceau, Direction des affaires civiles et du sceau (DACS), 13 place Vendôme, 75042 PARIS CEDEX 01, FRANCE).

France’s National Medal of Recognition for victims of terrorism was created by decree n° 2016-949 of July 2016 to show the French nation's homage to victims of terrorist acts committed on French or foreign territory. It can be awarded to victims deceased, wounded or kidnapped during a terrorist act committed after January 1, 1974. The medal is granted by decree of the President of the French Republic. More information can be found on the Grand Chancery of the Legion of Honor website .
  • a copy of the requester’s ID (national identity card, passport or residency card);