Publié 28/02/2024|Modifié 20/03/2024

France Victims and its NGO network to aid victims

France Victimes, founded in 1986, is the national federation of NGOs to aid victims in France and French overseas territories and departments.
The 132 victim’s aid NGOs federated by France Victims are staffed by 1,450 professionals, most of who are employees. They provide aid and support to victims of felony offenses under Article 41 of the criminal penal code free of charge, confidentially and in an official capacity under mandate by the Ministry of Justice. They may also directly refer victims as part of proceedings or not.
To contact a local France Victimes NGO
The caliber of the NGO personnel, which includes receptionists, lawyers, psychologists, clinicians, and social workers, allow for multidisciplinary and overall support for all persons who consider themselves to be the victim of a criminal offense, including victims of terrorist acts committed in France or abroad and involving French nationals.
NGOs offering personalized, nearby, free-of-charge, and long-term support:
  • receive and are attentive to all persons who consider themselves to be a victim as well as their loved ones;
  • provide information about rights and various criminal, indemnity and other procedures;
  • provide psychological support;
  • provide social aid for their actions;
  • make contact with local partners in accordance with the victim's needs and expectations.
France Victime NGO professionals have benefitted from dedicated training to support victims of terrorist acts. Each department in France has a designated and trained “Act of Terrorism” adviser.
The Federation France Victimes is a training organization for all victim-related themes. It operates the national phone bank to aid victims for the Ministry of Justice and holds the Vice Presidency of Victim Support Europe.