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Special rules apply to victims of terrorism. The Paris Public Prosecutor informs the FGTI of the circumstances surrounding the event and the identities of deceased victimes and unconscious wounded victims. The Fund then contacts loved ones to initiate support.


The Compensation Fund for Victims of Acts of Terrorism and Other Offenses (FGTI) compensates the spouse, children, parents, grand parents, grand children, brothers, sisters, or other entitled persons of deceased victims for non-material and material damages, as well as the extraordinary prejudice specific to terrorism victims.
It contacts the deceased victim’s loved ones directly and requests the documentation required to start the compensation procedure (e.g. bank details, proof of identity, etc.)
The Compensation Fund pays advances toward the total amount of the compensation within a month of receiving supporting documentation to cover urgent expenses.
The FGTI also covers funeral expenses within the limits of average cost, which it can settle directly with the mortuary home.
A final compensation offer is then sent in the three months following the reception of supporting documentation enabling the assessment of the prejudice, including invoices, proof of reimbursements from other sources (in particular medical and insurance coverage), proof of loss of income, and medical reports in the event of expert assessments.
In the meantime, the FGTI may be called upon for complementary funds depending on the expenses incurred or to come and the extent of the final prejudice forecast.



  • Funeral costs;
  • Loss of loved one’s income, namely income losses or declines for the victim's spouse (or partner) and children under the victim's care, i.e. the family of the deceased;
  • Other costs borne by loved ones, such as miscellaneous fees incurred by the loved ones upon the victim's death, primarily transportation, housing and food costs;
  • Support costs for moral support of the loved ones up to the victim's death (during a so-called traumatic illness);
  • Care for the moral support of loved ones following the victim's death;
  • The anguish of imminent death for the deceased and, under certain conditions, the waiting and worrying of loved ones.
An additional complementary compensation in the form of extraordinary prejudice specific to victims of terrorist acts (PESVT) is allocated to the victim’s loved ones to cover the specific nature of their situation and issues arising from the particularly dramatic character of the death.
For further information, please contact victim and victim support organizations.


In addition to the Compensation Fund for Victims of Acts of Terrorism and Other Offenses (FGTI), some individual insurance policies may also pay compensation for bodily harm resulting from terrorist acts and other offenses. Such insurance notably includes life insurance policies and individual coverage for accidents.
The insurance company should be notified as soon as possible following a terrorist act.


The law for armed services invalidity pensions and victims of war confers civilian victims of war status to victims of terrorist acts. Accordingly, such persons may benefit from reparations in the form of an invalidity pension paid monthly.
This compensation may be implemented once the victim files his/her request with France’s armed services ministry. The pension request can be made even if the victim has been compensated or is in the process of being compensated by the FGTI.
These requests are handled by the Department of Armed Forces Pension Branch (Service des pensions et des risques professionnels du Ministère des Armées).
To help you prepare your pension file, you can take advantage of personalized and administrative assistance available at the 103 local service branches of the French National Office for Combatants and Victims of War (Office national des combattants et des victimes de guerre — ONaCVG). These services can also introduce you to the ONaCVG’s procedure for an “Adoption by the Nation" and social action, i.e. financial assistance and support for professional and new occupation training.
ONaCVG offers support up until the armed services invalidity pension (PMI — Pension Militaire d’Invalidité) is granted for physical or psychological damage. Once the PMI has been granted, the support becomes definitive.


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