Publié 28/02/2024|Modifié 18/01/2024

Inter-Ministerial Delegation for Victim Support (DIAV)

Aiding victims has historically fallen under the auspices of France's Ministry of Justice. To implement the cross-government dimension of the public policy for victim support, the Decree 2017-1240 of 7 August 2017 instituted an Inter-Ministerial Delegate for Victim Support and who reports to the Justice Minister

The Inter-Ministerial Delegate for Victim Support (DIAV) coordinates the actions of France’s various ministries concerning the care and support of victims of terrorist acts, collective accidents, natural catastrophes, serial damages and other criminal offenses. He monitors the effectiveness and improvement of the means for aiding victims and coordinates all actions of France's ministries in their relations with victim and victim support organizations. The DIAV organizes meetings of the cross-government committee to aid victims and ensures the guidance, tracking, coordination and support of local committees to aid victims. Lastly, when needed, the DIAV coordinates France's state services to pay homage to victims and hold commemorations.
The DIAV’s inter-ministerial team is supported by the Victim Rights, Justice and Assistance Service (SADJAV — Service de l’Accès au Droit et à la Justice et de l’Aide aux Victimes) at the French Ministry of Justice, and its Office for Victim Support and NGO Policy (BAVPA — Bureau de l’Aide au Victimes et de la Politique Associative), which designs and leads the Justice Ministry's policy on victims, delegates the necessary budgets to the appellate courts and participates in services to support victims of significant events.